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About The School

About The School

 Saint George’s School is a private Palestinian educational association located in Ramallah Palestine, and one of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the Middle East organizations, which seeks to develop students mentally socially and educationally to help them be active members in society.
 Saint George’s School was established in 1890 together with the Orthodox Church. It included four elementary classes. In 1990 the school was transferred to its recent location, including 12 classes.
School this year started on the 1st of September and both teachers and students welcomed it with joy and excitement. Our student body is 280 males and females, the school faculty consist of 30 teachers.
At Saint George’s School a new day care was opened to look after the young children of our teachers who are not old enough to join the school. This class also allows the student to move from one place to the other for different activities during the day instead of keeping them in the same room all day.

This year science is a new subject that has been added to our curriculum from 1st grade till 4th grade, to improve the students English Language and to enrich their vocabulary with new scientific expressions. Hopping that this new subject will involve the whole school in the next year.

Vision and Values

The Culture of our School
Saint George’s School offers students an opportunity to develop through a diverse and challenging curriculum and a wide range of activities. Students are given ownership of the learning process and are encouraged to actively participate in their own education by setting personal goals and practicing on-going self-evaluation. Our inquiry based programs and activities encourage students to discover their interests and strengths. All of this is done in a safe, caring and supportive school environment that fosters positive attitudes and allows students to challenge themselves and be risk-takers, without the afraid.

Our Core Values
Values should be more than inspiring or beautiful words. Our values are a behavioral blueprint that shape who we are as a school community and as individuals. In all that we do, we ask ourselves – does this promote what we value most?

Respect: We respect ourselves and respect others for their special talents, skills and contributions.
Commitment: We keep our promises and will fulfill all our commitments.
Integrity: We believe that integrity is the heart of all lasting relationships and endeavors, and will work with each other in good faith.
Collaboration: We will cooperate with each other, learn and have fun together to achieve things which are of significance.
Responsibility: We take pride in all that we do and are accountable for our actions.
To fulfill the vision, The School provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential. The school attracts the best talent - students, teachers and facilitators - from all parts of Palestine, without distinction of race, religion, caste, or social status.

approval in the case of our younger pupils or a verbal reprimand in the case of the older pupils are usually sufficient to bring about the required change in behavior. If serious disciplinary procedures are required, we ask to meet the parents in order to resolve the problem. We believe that discipline is most effective when  parents and school work together to bring about desirable behavior.

Regular and punctual attendance at school is essential to the progress and level of achievement of every pupil. If a pupil is absent through illness, parents are required to inform the school on the first morning of absence. It is also essential to let us know if the illness is serious or infectious. If a pupil is likely to be absent for an extended period of time early notification will allow teachers to prepare work for the pupil, if required. For occasional absence other than through illness, a request should be submitted to the Head teacher.