--Old fashioned music--

--Old fashioned music--




Casy : good evening everyone tonight in this episode of entertainment tonight, we are going to talk about music in these days and in the past, we are going to compare and talk about musicians and one of the best American designers who designed for famous people and singers like J-Lo, everybody welcome Michael Kors.


Good evening Michael: we are very pleased that you are with us tonight, and it is our pleasure to meet you.


Michael: Thank you; it is a pleasure to meet you too, and to see this great audience.


Casy: At the beginning I want to ask you, how did you become a great designer?


Micheal: when I was 20 years old, I started drawing, some designs then I found that it fits me, and it is suitable career, I’m doing well, then I started to learn courses and improving my talent in sewing, and this is who I am now,, do you see how humble I am?


Casy: yes I can see that, of course you designed for a lot of singers, and they sing many types of music. Can you tell me what is the best kind of songs and music you like to design for?


Michael: I like to design for the old styles of video clips, and I like that because I like the old fashion and the classical music.


Casy: thanks Michael stay with us because I want to introduce two famous and lovely singers, everybody welcome Nelly Furtado and Knan.

Hello, how are you both?


Nelly and Kenan: Fine and happy to meet you.


Casy: well tonight you are both going to be asked about your new song ((is anybody out there))


Casy: Nelly how did you start your career?


Nelly: I got my first recorder when I was eight, and I used it to record myself singing, and when I was fourteen I became interested in music produced with drum machines and samplers.


Casy: Who inspired you?


Nelly: My favorite artists Ani Difranco, Hole and Rufus Wainright.


Casy: what hidden talents do you have?

Nelly: I love rap and once I sang for a friend’s R&B band, I can also play trombone and ukulele.


Casy: What is your opinion about your new song ( is anybody out there)??


Nelly: it was very successful and people love it because it talks about the real life between the teenagers.

Casy: Thank you Nelly now we will move to knan to ask him some questions.

Why did you accept to sing this song?


Knan: Because it shows the reality of life and what the American society looks right now and how the people are judged without knowing each other.


Casy: Are you happy to have Nelly as a partner to sing this song with you?


Knan: Sure, she is very pretty, and her voice is very feminine.


Casy: everybody please welcome the reason of making us hear such a song, welcome the director Natally,,, hello Nataly how are you?


Natally: I’m good and very grateful to meet you guys.


Casy: what is your opinion about these cute singers??


Natally: I think they are so perfect and it was easy to deal with them, and also as a director I think the clothes and designs are suitable for the song.


Casy: When you are directing a song, how do you choose the places?


Nataly: If we need dancers we start to look for them and I start thinking about ideas that will be appropriate to the lyrics of the song, and to find places for the song that is very hard.


Casy: After we listened to all these celebrities we still have one of the best old American singers please everybody welcome,, Ricky Martin,, hello Ricky how are you?? I’m happy to see you.


Ricky: thanks,, ,.


Casy: I’m going to ask you about your favorite kind of music?


Ricky: because I’m an old singer, of curse I’d like some old songs, also styles like jazz, blues , hard rock, classic rock.


Casy: what about the music nowadays, Rap, Hip hop, R&B, Alternative Rock, Gothic rock.


Ricky: Honestly, rap and hip hop are not my favorite types, they talk about the street life and the society around them,  and they use street language  full of  violence, and this has negative effects on society.

Casy: it is one of the best days for me to have you all today but one more thing left,,,lets ask the audience some questions… hi you,,,whats your name??


Mary: hi I am Mary.


Casy: what type of music do you like?


Mary: I like Rap, Hip hop, Trance, and these kinds of music.


Casy: okay, if you hear rap songs I think you like knan??


Mary: yes I like also Ricky Martin and his new song (( I don’t care)) because it shows the truth and it contains meaningful words and the music also is gorgeous.


Casy: We enjoyed meeting you tonight with this great audience and these celebrities,, thank you all,, see you next week.